Blue Star Parking
Blue Star Elevators (India) Ltd.

Barrier Gates

Parking Barrier Gates help save unauthorized use of parking Space. These Barriers help to keep out people from parking in the premises which is meant only for paid parking or where outsiders are not allowed to park. Manual opening of the barrier with a push of a button is standard however; each Parking barrier can be fit in with Automated System to open on arrival of the cars that have access to the parking space.


Control System

Barrier gates use Micro-Processor Based logic controller along with a combination of various types of sensors and actuators to open and close the barrier as required. Control system ensures that only the cars that have access to the parking lot enter and the other cars are kept away.


Each car park will be allotted a ticket automatically on arrival of the car to the barrier. Also tickets may be provided for a particular period of time or even permanent as required in case of residential or commercial premises.