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Stack Parking

Surface Mounted Stack Parking is the economical and simple parking solution for new Buildings or existing Societies where Parking can be doubled. This Type is designed to be fit on the surface and doubles the car space by stacking the cars one above the other. The car must be driven off before the upper platform is lowered.

The Surface Mounted Stack parking is designed to park cars of different Heights as per the availability of height. It is perfect for the Residential, Commercial Projects and Parking Garages where vertical stacking of the cars is desired.


Hydraulic Lifting Unit

Hydraulic Systems are well suited to carry heavy loads and are perfect for the Stack parking. Hydraulic Lifting Unit with pistons ensures perfect lifting and lowering of the top platform.

During power outages, the top platform can be lowered manually by using a simple release valve. This saves the trouble of waiting for the power to return to take out the car parked on the upper platform.

Key Access to Raise and Lower the Platform

Each Stack Park will be provided with key access to raise and lower the platform, this access ensures that only Owner / authorized personnel will carry out necessary action when required.

Detection of car at Lower Level

When a Car is parked at the Lower Level, no lowering of the platform can take place as the detection unit will not allow such downward movement and also raise a alarm in such situation.

One Unit for up to 6 Stacks

To make this solution even more affordable & economical, we have developed hydraulics and control units which can handle up to 6 stack units with one controller and one Hydraulic Unit.

Other Fittings

Fittings may be added to the stack unit to increase safety, etc kindly consult our representative for further details.

Car Stack Parking
Type H DH
BS - 320 330 160
BS - 330 340 170
BS - 340 350 180
BS - 350 360 190
BS - 360 370 200
BS - 370 380 210
Car Stack Parking Width
Width (W) Usable Platform
260 230
270 240
280 250
Car Stack Parking Width of Usable Platform
Width (W) Usable Platform
520 230
540 240
560 250
Car Stack Parking Usable Platform Width Dimensions
Width (W) Usable Platform
780 230
810 240
840 250