Blue Star Parking
Blue Star Elevators (India) Ltd.

Tower Parking

Tower Parking is a Fully automated parking solution where is a separate tower/Building is constructed only for the parking space, this helps to increase the number of parking’s vertically. This solution uses the latest technology to park and retrieve cars from the parking lots. The feature of ticketing for the parking as per time is possible.

The Tower Parking is designed using micro processor based logic controller which brings the desired car to the level where it could be driven off. This is a hassle free solution for parking space without Driving through the Drive ways and finding the parking space. Also as no human may enter this parking lot, it is much safer.


Control System

Stack parking uses Micro-Processor Based logic controller along with a combination of various types of sensors and actuators to bring to you a parking solution that is robust and safe. Control system ensures that the car is parked perfectly on the pallet by directing the driver to move the car as required to fit rightly on the pallet.

Access to Parking

Each car park will be allotted a ticket automatically (with / without payment as required) before taking the car for parking and the same ticket on depositing it back in the machine will retrieve the car.

Cars on Pallets

Each car is stored on steel Pallet (movable platform) which is carried by lifts and then to horizontal movers to keep the pallet parked until it is later carried away for retrieving the car.

Moving Equipment

Multiple Vertical and Horizontal moving equipment will be used to move the pallets from one point to another. All these moving equipment are in sync to move the cars from one point to another. These equipments are made robust to handle a lot number of pallets without having any breakdown as breakdown in any equipment will lead to breakdown of the entire parking system.

Other Fittings

Fittings may be added to the stack unit to increase safety, etc kindly consult our representative for further details.